We're a new community-based organization striving to reach out and help young people & young adults from all walks of life through dance and education. Our mission statement is: To provide a safe environment to ignite and nurture the flame of creativity.

Our organization has decided to target the North Baton Rouge area. As you know, lately the young people of this area have had a front row seat to violence & chaos. They are learning that the only way to solve their problems is through anger, rage and violent acts which is completely unacceptable. We want to provide a safe place for the young people of our community to express themselves without fear, free of judgment and is always supportive & encouraging.

It's our goal to make sure that these young people know that their intellect, talents and creativity are important & deserve to be celebrated. This has been placed in our hearts to achieve so no matter the obstacles we will push forward to help these young people. If we don't step in to help them see their value & worth then they will become lost, and that would be a tragedy. We hope that our organization can help our city's youth finally see their potential and send them down the path to their greatness.